Thriving Together

Foundation Subjects


Information and Communication Technology is used in all areas of the curriculum to support children’s learning. Appropriate software is used to develop pupils technological communication skills; handling of information and use of web based resources. All children are provided with filtered and supervised internet access. The Malorees Junior School ICT Policy outlines the importance that we place on ICT at our school.

The ICT Policy at Malorees Junior School is a working document and is regularly reviewed and updated.


Malorees Junior School promote respect and tolerance. Children are introduced to four religious traditions in the course of their time at the school, and great care is taken to ensure that all beliefs are valued. The RE syllabus for each year is as follows:

  • Year 3: Christianity/Religious Buildings
  • Year 4: Hinduism/Buddhism
  • Year 5: Islam/Sikhism
  • Year 6: Judaism

This is a Brent agreed syllabus for RE.


In Geography, pupils investigate a variety of people, places and environments during their time at Malorees Junior School. Children find out how people affect the environment and how they are affected by it. They carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom. They use geographical skills and resources such as maps; atlases; aerial photographs and ICT to ask and answer geographical questions.


In History, pupils learn about significant people, events and places from both the recent and more distant past. They learn about change and continuity in Britain and in other parts of the world. They look at history in a variety of ways, for example from political, economic, technological and scientific, social, religious, cultural or aesthetic perspectives. They use different sources of information to help them investigate the past. The History syllabus for each year is as follows:

Art and Design Technology

Pupils develop their creativity and imagination through Art and Design Technology. At Malorees Junior School, pupils are encouraged to use visual and tactile elements, materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel and think – the work they produce ranges from individual closed detailed observation to large collaborative wall friezes that can be viewed around the school. All children also have the opportunity to participate in our annual Arts Week.


Music plays an important role in the daily routine at Malorees Junior School. Alongside the Music syllabus, all children have the opportunity to learn an instrument (click here for more information about Music lessons). Malorees also has a thriving orchestra, various ensembles, bands and a choir. In addition, there are various opportunities for the children to attend concerts and theatrical events outside school, and concerts are often arranged for the children by visiting musicians.

Physical Education

Children enjoy being active and using their creativity and imagination in physical activity. The pupils at Malorees Junior School have regular PE and Games lessons that provide physical challenge and develop their self-discipline, self-confidence, collaborative skills, initiative and creativity. PE and Games lessons at Malorees include gymnastics and dance; athletics; football; tag rugby; netball; hockey and cricket (click here for more information about Sport at Malorees). All children in Year 4 are also provided with supervised swimming lessons at a local swimming pool.

Malorees Junior School require all pupils to wear a PE uniform of navy blue or white shorts; blue Malorees t-shirt; black or white plimsolls for indoor activity and trainers for outdoor lessons (click here for more information about Malorees PE uniform).

PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education)

PSHCE is taught as a cross-curricular subject at Malorees Junior School. Pupils are assisted in gaining the knowledge, skills and understanding they require to lead confident, healthy and independent lives, and to become informed, responsible citizens.

Health education is taught within Science lessons. Malorees Junior School’s health education includes the teaching of sex education to ensure that pupils are able to cope with the physical and emotional challenges of growing up. The sex education taught provides pupils with an elementary understanding of human reproduction.

Please contact the Headteacher if you require further information on this topic.